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Quick, Rambo! To the Fabmobile!!!

Fine specimen of six-packed and torrid-sex-disheveled Gryffindor boys...

Eshen, God of Sex
20 August
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I am the one they call Eshen... bow in fear.

Alternately known as Eshen, God of Sex, The Pretty Doll, Gitone, and Quintius M. Fabius.

Actually, no-one really knows I exist except for my darling laurel_tx who is something like my 11th wife, Kelly, who is my 12th, and bubblegumlocks, who is by 13th. Also, this one called golden_witch, who I have yet to actually talk to...


In any case, I will be famous one day I tell you. Famous!

For now I am but a lowly ficwhore, and writing bitch of both Kelly and Laurel...


Call me Eshen or I wont call you back,